Korea-Vietnam Joint Composition Concert

On November 8, I and my friend got an invitation card to Korea-Vietnam Joint Composition Concert. The concert took place at Ho Chi Minh city Conservatory of Music. This was my first time going to a joint composition concert, so I felt very curious.

When I arrived at the conservatory, I was quite surprised because it seemed a little bit surprised. However, the conservatory was decorated with many guitar-shaped statues and instrument-related pictures. When walking into the music hall, we caught sight of a large black piano and were overwhelmed by the luxurious feeling due to the red curtains.

 guitarIMG_0532 IMG_0531

Then we enjoyed the joint composition by many Korean and Vietnamese artists. I love to see the artists in Ao dai, Vietnamese traditional dress very much. The sounds of cello, violin, violas, monochord, piano, guitar and 16-chord zither harmonized together, created a special feeling. It was said that each performance was a special story told by the instruments. For example, in one performance, cello is the narrator; flute and monochord is a couple and piano is the river connecting that couple.

 IMG_0536 IMG_0540 IMG_0549 IMG_0543 IMG_0553 IMG_0559

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