After the Topik exam

October 20th

After the Topik exam, I went to a coffee shop nearby with my friends. October 20 is also the Vietnamese Women Day, so it was like a time to celebrate for the Vietnamese Women Day and the end of the Topik exam. Today many stores and coffee shops also gave many discounts.

Especially, on October 20, every girl or woman going to the Start Up coffee shop could enjoy a drink at 50% discount. This coffee shop offered a wide range of drinks such as green tea frozen, cookie cream, matcha and so on. I decided to order Yozen blueberry. However due to the shortage of the cream, our drinks didn’t have the whipped cream floating. We were very disappointed. However, I still waited for the cream. We were also surprised to see a famous actress coming to this coffee shop. She was disappointed but agreed to wait for the whipped cream.

 While waiting for the drinks, we spent time chatting about the last Topik exam. We discussed some confusing questions in the Topik essay. Every one was also annoyed because Hong Bang university organized Topik exam and the celebration for Vietnam women day at the same time. We were also very surprised when there was something wrong with the Topik papers. Before we took the listening and reading part, the Korean teacher said that in question 44, we should change the third choice to (나)-(가)-(다)-(라). I remember the Korean teacher said that we could use pencil or ballpoint pen for the writing part, but some of my friends said we could only use the OMR pen, the pencil and black ballpoint pen for the writing part. However, I used the blue ballpoint pen to write the essay. Some said that I wouldn’t have mark for the writing, but some said that it was alright because they used to write with the blue ballpoint pen and still got marks for that part. I started to panic >”<


Finally, I could savour my blueberry smoothie with whipped cream. I don’t often drink smoothie with cream in fear of getting fat. However, after finishing the Topik exam, I was really excited and wanted to give a reward for myself. I had to stay up late and crammed for the Topik exam so much that I was exhausted and under stress. It gave me a great pleasure when savouring the blueberry smoothie through the fat whipped cream. I felt carefree and every pressure seemed to wear off. The blueberry smoothie was really impressive with the sour sweet flavour. A dollop of whipped cream floating on the smoothie brought out a fresh flavour. The white color of whipped cream mixed well with the velvety color of blueberries. 



10 thoughts on “After the Topik exam

  1. I’ve never heard of Vietnamese Women Day, sounds really interesting. Even though I live in Southern California, there are lots of Vietnamese people here and I’ve never heard them mention it before. Is there something special you do that day?


  2. Speaking about coffee shops, I’m craving for Vietnamese French coffee, as the weather gets cooler in North Vietnam. Don’t worry about the ball pen thingy cause the teacher said so to use, but its safer to follow the instructions written, cause the marker is someone else. 힘내요!


  3. I will cross my fingers that you did well 🙂 you’re very dedicated so that should be a good indication 🙂
    I wrote my essay with a blue ball point pen back in April. That was perfectly okay and they marked so don’t worry too much – as far as I remember the people at the exam told us it was entirely up to us. Writing the essay with the OMR marker is also really inconvenient because the tip is a bit too thick to be good for writing – at least I prefer pens with thinner points so I can write very clearly. Especially in exams….


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