I have a headache due to reviewing for the Topik too much. I have reviewed pretty well except for the proverbs or idiom part. I have a long list of Korean proverbs to remember, but I think I can’t remember so many of them at the short time. >”< The 32th intermediate Topik will start tomorrow afternoon.

In Vietnam these days, it always rains heavily in the afternoon, which makes me very worried. It will be very difficult if we have to take the Topik listening part during the downpour. Tomorrow is also Vietnames Vietnamese day, so it’s likely that Hong Bang university will organize some celebration activities. Last year, that university organized the Topik exam and Halloween at the same, which made everybody annoyed and distracted.


I think it’s time to savour a creamy pie and listen to SNSD sweet ballads. I hope that everyone who takes Topik tomorrow will do well. And you should bring some snacks to eat at the short recess during the exam.

Sweet ballad for the late evening- Romantic Street by SNSD ^^



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