Topik Study log


There is only 1 day left before the 32th Topik exam starts. Time flies an arrow, which makes me very upset because I can’t have enough time to do what I have planned.

After the 28th Topik experience last year, I made a 1-year plan to prepare for the 32th Topik exam. However, so many events happened and I was overwhelmed with the heavy load of school work.

The only goal that I achieved was to complete doing all of the previous Topik exams from the 7th to the 31th Topik exam. During that time, I was immersed myself in doing the previous Topik so much that I suffered from sleeplessness and sleep paralysis. I also didn’t eat much. I just took a quick meal like dumpling or sticky rice and then came back with the stack of Topik exam papers. I brought Topik exam paper with me wherever I went from the university to the hospital (I caught a severe cold and coughed for more than 1 month. I hope that this Sunday, I will not disturb others due to my cough). I also spent the recess doing the Topik papers.


 Thanks to doing so many Topik exams, now I become more familiar with the structure of the Topik exam. I am also able to increase my speed of doing the exams. However, I haven’t practiced the writing part so much. I still write Korean diaries every day, but somehow I am lazy to write essays about the topics in Topik exam. I also plan to do more Topik drills in some Topik preparation books, but it seems that I haven’t enough time. Today I will try to review Topik vocabularies and grammars again.



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