Farewell at “Hot & Cold “Tea shop


After the Topik revision class, I and two other friends hung out for lunch. We stopped by the “Hot & Cold” tea shop near the Korean cultural centre.

This was my first time being here. At first sight, this tea shop is quite small but well-decorated with a variety of food and different flavours of tea available. After looking at the menu, I decided to try the Rabokki (라볶이) and green tea. Rabokki (라볶이) is the epitome of popular Korean street food consisting of sliced rice cakes (떡) and Ramen noodles (라면). I loved to see the attractive red color of the chili pepper sauce in this dish. The chewy and tender sticks of rice cakes which were deep-fried in that hot chili sauce created a special flavour of sweetness and spiciness.

If you kept chewing the rice cakes for a long time, it might be a little boring. Therefore, a half of hard-boiled egg, some sliced cabbages, onions and chewy ground fish cakes (어묵) deep in the hot sauce would go well with the rice cakes. Some stringy ramen noodles were also added to make a tasty and nutritious lunch.


The more I ate Rabokki, the hot and spicy flavour I could feel. Therefore, a fresh scent of green tea would balance the taste and created a perfect combination. I love to savour the harmony of green tea’s fresh aroma and milk’s sweet taste. Other friends chose the mint milk tea with dark cacao and chocolate milk tea.

IMG_8937IMG_8931 IMG_8929 IMG_8933

My two other friends ordered a dish of fried rice and and a dish of fried noodles with shrimps. While eating, we talked about the university, the upcoming topik exam and everything related to Korean. My major is English linguistics and literature while their major is Korean studies, so talking with them gave me a chance to know more another study environment I couldn’t exeperience. This meeting looked like a farewell because one of them would go to Korean to study abroad soon. She intended to register for a Korean advanced class at the Hanyang university (She already had the Topik 4 certificate). We would miss her a lot. I hope that she would enjoy the new experience in Korea.

IMG_8935 IMG_8938

2 thoughts on “Farewell at “Hot & Cold “Tea shop

  1. I never tried rabokki. Wow, it really looks good! What a creative mix to put everyone’s favorite dukbokki on there. And there your tea looks yummy, too! What a large-sized drink that shop serves!


    1. I’m sorry for the late reply.
      Rabokki is a delicious combination of ramens and teokbokki. If you eat only teokbokki, you may feel very bored.
      Thanks for the compliments on the milk tea ^^ The large-sized drink is very impressive ;))


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