Topik meeting


I went to a Topik meeting held by the Korean culture centre. The meeting only lasted for about 2 hours, but was very useful and informative. We were given a collection of information on how to do well on the Topik exam compiled by my Korean teacher.

Then my Korean teacher, Mr. Kim, explained some tips for taking the Topik exam such as time-management, vocabulary, grammar….He even showed some mistakes we easily made during the exam. For example, we had to write short answers within the blank box and if we wrote out of the box, our answer would be given 0 score. When we took the Topik test, the Korean teacher would be our proctor, so Mr. Kim also taught us some expressions during the test such as how to ask the Korean teacher to give us the correction pen.

 IMG_8956 IMG_8947

Then Mr. Kim invited two students who got the Topik 4 (Intermediate 2) to share their experiences of studying for the topik. The common thing of them was that they always emphasized on the time-managing skill. When we take the Vocabulary-Grammar (45 mins) and Writing sections (45 mins) in 90 minutes, we can make use of the time by doing the Vocabulary-Grammar and 10 multiple choice questions of Writing sections in about 45 mins, then we can spend time writing the short answers and the essay in 45 mins. However, when we take the Listening section (45 minutes) and reading section (45 minutes) in 90 minutes, we cannot make use of time like that. The tape lasts for exactly 45 minutes , so we have to spend exactly 45 minutes on doing the listening section. Therefore, we can only have 45 minutes for the reading section. At this time, we are not only exhausted but also under time pressure, so almost everybody cannot do the reading section on time. =.=

 Finally, the teacher gave us some gifts. He was really warm-hearted and considerate. While everybody tried to get the Korean cosmetics or perfumes, I only wanted to get Korean highlighter pens and notebooks. I love them so much!!! They are essential parts of my studying life. Since starting the university, I don’t have to write too much. I only use the highlighter pens when reading the materials and summarize by typing on my laptop. Colorful writings catch my eyes, which makes me remember more easier, so my books are full of colorful highlighted texts.

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