Melancholy feelings with “Lunch Song Project”

lunch song project 3

Today I watched the music video LUNCHSONG Project(런치송 프로젝트) _ Power of Family(가족의 힘).From the very start, the video brought out a mood of melancholy that descended on me. The slow and sad melodies harmonized with the slow motion effect. The video gave me a peaceful but hurting feeling.

The plot is about a family that didn’t have a good time having lunch together because each person was busy with their own business. For example, the mother was drinking tea and lost in thought. The father was busy reading the newspaper while the daughter was keeping texting on her phone. The son was immersed in some melodies and tapping the chopstick on the table.

lunch song project 2 lunch song project 21 lunch song project 1

However, finally, all of them put their other interests aside and concentrated on the lunch. Everybody laughed when eating, which made me feel very touched.

 lunch song project 4 lunch song project 3 lunch song project 0

This video reminds me of a phenomenon in the modern days. It is sad that nowadays, people are too busy to spend a happy meal together. In some Vietnamese families, it is hard to see the scene that all family members gather around a table and enjoyed the meal together. Instead, some children just take a quick meal and then went to extra classes in the evening. Some others wolf down their meals and left the house in hurry for work. I wish that people could put their business aside and spent some time enjoying the meal with other family members.


One thought on “Melancholy feelings with “Lunch Song Project”

  1. I had Vietnamese friends at Japanese language school. It seemed to me they always had meals together. It was like party every day. I thought wow the Vietnamese have really strong bonds with each other. ^^


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