Eastern Festival at HUFLIT


The faculty of Eastern Studies at Huflit University hosted the Eastern Festival, which drew a lot of attention. This was my first time going to that University. I went there alone, so I could neither take many photos nor enjoy the festival so much. The festival took place at the yard and the hall. Each department had a small stall to introduce each Eastern country such as Korea, Japan, Thailand….

At the first sight, I caught notice of the Korean stall because of the colorful decorations. There were a lot of drawings about Korean life on the silk. For example, a family was making Kimji near the kimchi pots called Onggi (옹기). They even drew a beautiful bright hanbok on a large piece of paper for everybody to pose with. I expected to try a real hanbok, but I couldn’t see any service like that.

유월2 유월 IMG_7454 IMG_7453

 Then, I went to the Japanese stall. Students of Japanese faculty were creative with a Japanese-style table. On the table were the some statues of Japanese girls in Kimono. The black and red cushions around the table were embroidered with beautiful yellow flowers and floral patterns. The background was decorated with the peaceful scenery of a Japanese village. On the other sides were some Japanese paper fans.

IMG_74492222 IMG_7456 IMG_7472

  I was also very happy to try Kimono for the first time. There were plenty of beautiful Kimonos available, but there were so many people standing in line to wait for their turns to wear Kimono that I had to wait for a long time. Finally my turn came and I chose a white Kimono with pink and red cherry blossoms spreading from the sleeves to the body of the Kimono. I fell in love with this Kimono at first sight because it brought out the sweet and lovely feeling. Although it is Autumn now, the bright colors of the cherry blossoms on this Kimono were still able to evoke the fresh atmosphere of spring. Wearing Kimono was a little bit complicated. My waist was tied with a large red strip of fabric, which made me feel hard to breathe. The costume was so heavy with many layers of fabric that I found it difficult to walk in the Kimono.

 IMG_7473 IMG_7464

Another decoration that can’t be omitted when we wore Kimono was the little Japanese umbrella. This kind of red oil-paper umbrella created a perfect harmony of colour with my pink Kimono.

 IMG_7461 IMG_7514

Then I played a traditional Japanese game called “Goldfish scooping”(金魚掬,Kingyo-sukui). I had to scoop the goldfish from a basin with a paper scooper called a “poi” and put them into a bowl with the poi. The game was really hard because we had to scoop the fish by the flat paper part of the scooper. The small goldfish also swam so fast that I found difficulty catching them. Finally, I only caught one goldfish. I could have brought that goldfish home, but I thought it was better to release them into the basin.


Finally was the Thailand stall. The students of Thailand faculty decorated the stall with many colorful photos of Thailand life. There were also many students wearing the graceful traditional Thailand costumes. We could wear them too, but I didn’t have enough time to wear them. I hope that I could wear them in the future.

 IMG_7451 IMG_7455 IMG_7476


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