Caramel flan


When I was wandering at the University campus, I suddenly came across my friend’s mother, younger brother and another old friend of mine. We decided to go to the canteen to have lunch and had a small talk. They ordered beef noodles while I just ordered a dish of caramel flan because I have already had lunch. Three bowls of smoking-hot beef noodles were soon served while I still had to wait for my flan.

 After we talked for a while, finally I could see my flan. Caramel flan is a custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on the top. This was my first time eating flan in the university canteen. At the first sight, I could see some air bubbles affect the flan’s creamy texture. I always look forward to savouring a kind of perfect flan that has a silky smooth texture with a brownish layer of sweet caramel on the top. Although the flan here was not as perfect as I expected, I still had a good time enjoying it. The flan looked wobbly on the dish with some shaved ice around. The black coffee drizzled on the flan’s texture brought out the bitter aroma of Vietnamese coffee. I love the feeling that every bite of the flan melted in my mouth and evoked the flavour of sweetness and richness from the condensed milk and the eggs. I think flan is the ideal dessert which brings out the fresh flavour to enjoy after any kind of main course.

  IMG_9043 IMG_9044

Then we started to talk about my friend’s younger brother. He received the result of the University Entrance Exam, but unluckily, his mark was not high enough to be accepted to Korean Faculty. We are very sorry to hear that. This year, the passing mark for the Korean faculty in my university is so high that many students are unqualified. Originally, the Korean faculty was just a small department that belonged to the faculty of Eastern Studies. However, due to the Korean wave Hallyu, a lot of people become interested in Korean. Many Korean companies and organizations also sponsor the Korean department. Therefore, since 2010, the Korean department was separated from the faculty of Eastern Studies and became an independent department. They have about 3 libraries, but only open for students of Korean faculty. I hope that they can open the libraries for everyone who is interested in Korean.

Korean library-I am not allowed to go into the Korean library, so I had to take a photo through the glass window
Korean library-I am not allowed to go into the Korean library, so I had to take a photo through the glass window=.=
Korean library
Korean library

7 thoughts on “Caramel flan

  1. I love caramel flan! I’ve only tried the Filipino and Latino one, and they tasted the same. Yours looks just like ’em, so I’m sure I’ll love it too. Cool pics of the library. I just realized that I had never visited a library when I went to Korea. I’ll be sure to go the next time. Thanks for the reminder!


    1. Thanks for your comment. Caramel flan is definitely a delicious dessert. Vietnamese caramel flan also shares the same recipe with other kinds of flan. However, Vietnamese flan is often served with Vietnamese black coffee and shaved ice. ^^


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