Changing plans


September 4

I was trying to finish the research for the Summer Course. After tomorrow which is the deadline to submit the term paper, I will officially take a Summer break about 1 week before the Fall semester starts. I plan to spend the whole week to focus on studying for Topik. Then, suddenly I heard friends on Facebook said that tomorrow we had to attend the Political lesson at the University. There is no official announcement about this on the university website. It is just an announcement on ….Facebook, but everybody said it was compulsory. >”<

September 5


Although tomorrow I had to wake up early to attend the political class, I still stayed up late to do the term paper and watched the promo video of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch. I really love the pink leather case of Samsung ‘s Galaxy Note 3.

 7:30 am

I managed to wake up early. There were about 600 students who gathered in the conference hall to attend the Political lesson. There were not enough seats, so I and my friends went to the upper floor of the hall. The lesson was so long and boring that everybody was tired. Some friends could not find the seats, so they sat on the floor. We tended to gossip because we hadn’t seen each other for a long summer. At recess, a teacher came and counted the number of present students, then she gave us pieces of paper instead of the roll-call. I also brought the Topik paper to do, but then I was immersed in gossiping with friends that I couldn’t do many questions.

securedownload (1) 


After the political class, I went home and checked the term paper together with my friends before sending to the professor through emails. Then I suddenly received the new schedule for the Fall semester. I can’t believe that the Fall semester will start next week. Other friends were also shocked and annoyed at this sudden change. All of our plans had to be canceled. Now we only had three days before the summer officially ends. >”<

 I have to plan many things, but now I don’t have enough time. I have to make a list of priorities to decide what to do first.

1. Checking the term paper

2. Translating Korean-Vietnamese articles

3. Translating English -Vietnamese documents

4. Continue reading the book “Complete guide to the topik-advanced”

5. Re-organizing my bookshelves and documents in the laptop.

6. Doing the previous topik papers.

7. Writing Korean diaries

8. Writing Korean essays.

9. Writing political report

10. Practice translating Chinese-Vietnamese


10 thoughts on “Changing plans

  1. I am sure things will turn out fine… Just stop for a while take a deep breath and focus on on task at a time. Before you know it you were able to do everything. 🙂 Don’t give up!


  2. It’s very helpful to make a priority list, especially when you have lots of things to do. By the way, I like the picture of 소녀시대 with colorful 한복. ^^ Do you also have a holiday like 추석 in Vietnam?


    1. I’m sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your encouragement and your praise for SNSD’s hanboks ^^
      We also have a holiday like 추석 in Vietnam called “The mid-autumn festival”. 추석 is a big holiday in Korean when everybody returns to their hometowns. However, in Vietnam “The mid-autumn festival” is often regarded as the Children’s Festival. We often eat mooncakes and watched the moon while releasing the lanterns on the rivers. There are many lion dances on the streets while the children are holding the lanterns and dancing.


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