Considering where to take Topik

August 20 is the deadline for 32th Topik application, and luckily I managed to register in time. Before registration, I spent much time considering where to take Topik this October. Hong Bang international university and Korean international school are two places where I can take Topik. Last time, I took the Topik test in Hong Bang university, and I was totally disappointed at the facilities and organization.


The day the 28th Topik took place was also the day Hong Bang university organized Halloween festival. I could not understand why that university organized Topik exam and Halloween festival at the same time and at the same place??? When we were taking topik test in the exam rooms on the ground floor, other Hong Bang students danced and sang on the upper floor. Even when we were taking the Listening section, they danced, stamped their feet, screamed and sang so loud.  Everyone was totally distracted by that deafening noise. Moreover, students with scary Halloween costumes gossiped and wandered outside our exam rooms. They even glanced at our rooms with curious eyes. Why didn’t anyone control them??? Outside the exam rooms were many stalls that students made to sell food, jewelry or organized Halloween games. The savoury smells from the food outside were really tempting and distracting. This may be the reason why my listening point was so low that made me only get Topik 3 last year. The 32th topik will take place on October 20 which is also Vietnamese woman day. I am really scared to think that Hong Bang university would organize Topik exam and the festival at the same time like last year.

 The Korean international school’s facilities are excellent, but that school is really far from my house. I estimated that it took about 1 hour and 30 minutes from my house to that school, and I didn’t know the way to that school. I heard many friends of me got lost when going to that Korean school. Therefore, I was bewildered and didn’t know what to choose.

 Then I reconsidered again. Last year, although the exam rooms in Hong Bang university were affected by the noise of the Halloween Festival, many friends of me still managed to get Topik 4. I thought maybe because my listening skill was so bad that I blamed everything on the Halloween festival. Our listening skill is often tested in a quiet room, which does not reflect our real listening level completely. In real life or in drama, I can hear many people talk in some noisy places. Therefore, if we want to improve our listening skill to communicate with people, we should practice listening in every environment.

 Finally, I decided to register for the 32th topik in Hong Bang university because I want to challenge my skills no matter what anything happens. However, somehow I still feel a little bit dissatisfied with this decision. It seems a little bit unfair >”<


6 thoughts on “Considering where to take Topik

  1. Tough choice. Hmmm…whatever is closer to you in my opinion!

    I wanted to let you know my blog had changed url to and if you plan to follow it still, click the follow button on the bottom right 🙂 I have two articles for you to look at when you have the time.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I hope that I will have no regrets about this decision.
      Wow, thanks for letting me know you change the blog url. I have just followed you. I really enjoy your blog.


  2. Oh nice! You will be taking the TOPIK exam. Good luck to you. I wanted to take this year’s exam as well but I just started learning Korean language and I do not have gathered enough courage to take it with only a few knowledge that I have.


    1. Thanks for the comment. The beginner Topik Certification doesn’t have much value , so I think there is no rush for taking the exam soon. You can spend more time learning Korean until you feel confident and comfortable to take the Topik exam. ^^


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