A touching and cute song-“My student teacher” (교생쌤) by NCA


Sometimes there is a secret motivation that makes you put more efforts in doing something. Sometimes there is a little crush that makes your life pink. Sometimes even that motivation and crush makes you feel depressed. Life is full of up-and-down moments, but those moments make life more meaningful and make you stronger. 


I fell in love with this song since seeing the title “My student teacher (교생쌤)”. This is the debut song by NCA. I prefer the drama version of the music video. The story was about a girl (Hyeri from the group Girl’s Day) who had a crush on her English ‘student teacher'(Seo_Ji-seok). Hyeri was so cute in the school uniform and the black glasses. Her secret love with the teacher was naïve and cute. Because of him, she tried to study English harder. Seo Ji-seok was so gorgeous in the role of a teacher. The way he stood on the stage holding the book was really captivating . Ahhhhhh!!!! When the climax came, I almost shed tears because of the touching scene and NCA’s sweet voice.



 I understand that schoolgirl’s feeling because I used to have a crush on my Korean teacher. I used to be very lazy at studying Korean, but since meeting him, I try my best to study Korean.  When I could not remember the word and was punished in front of class, I felt extremely embarrassed. Then I tried to change myself. I did all the exercises in the textbooks, prepared the new vocabularies and studied more books to improve Korean.. He is the big milestone in my Korean language journey. The way he taught was interesting with information about Hanja, Korean culture, history and cuisine. Although at the present I don’t continue studying with him, he is still one of the motivations that help me study Korean. 


6 thoughts on “A touching and cute song-“My student teacher” (교생쌤) by NCA

    1. This cute video reminds me of the school year ^^. By the way, this video also reminds me of a Korean drama called ” 건빵선생과 별사탕(Hello My Teacher/Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy) about a girl who liked her teacher, than later she became a teacher too


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