I have received Korean parcel from twoChois

Hello, everyone. I am the 10th winner of twoChois Book Review Lucky Draw contest. After eagerly waiting for Korean parcel from twoChois as I mentioned here https://swanlake1701.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/eagerly-waiting-for-korean-parcel-from-twochois/, finally I received it. I felt extremely happy and excited when going to the post office to receive the Korean parcel. The procedure was faster than I thought, so it took just 10 minutes for me to sign and receive my parcel.

When I came home, my family members gathered to see me open the parcel as if it were a big event. Hihi. Maybe it was because during last two weeks, I talked about twoChois/Korean books/ parcel so much everywhere from the family to the social network. I don’t want to make a mountain out of the molehill, but I feel so excited that I can help thinking about it. >:D<

 Here is my parcel from twoChois. It seemed that Vietnam Post Office covered the edge of the parcel with orange sticky tapes so that the parcel was covered carefully. 


I heard everyone praised that twoChois really put much care and effort in packaging. Now I can see why everyone said like that. The package was in great condition with the items bubble-wrapped carefully. Besides the bubble-wrap, each item was covered with plastic. Wow!!! I am really satisfied with twoChois’ service. Thanks to their careful package, every item in my parcel was in the best condition. ^^ The parcel they sent me included 

+The book “Complete guide to the Topik-Advanced” with two CD audios.

+Korean magazine called “1st Look”

+a lovely little notebook

+a hand-written message on the sticky note.

+twoChois business card “We send you Korea” 


When I opened the package, I caught sight of the magazine 1st Look because SNSD HYOYEON was on the magazine cover. She is so gorgeous and beautiful!!! I flipped through the newspaper and gazed as Hyoyeon’s photoshoots in the magazines for a long time. I am really impressed with twoChois’s gifts. They really can satisfy and make customers happy. Thank you twoChois so much. I love the magazine a lot. :Xxx


I feel so happy to see the book “Complete guide to the Topik-Advanced”. I love pink, so I fall in love with the book cover at the first sight. :Xxx The paper is smooth and glossy, so I love the feeling of touching each paper. This book is used to prepare for Topik Advanced Level; therefore, it consists of many interesting tips to do the test well. The book is totally in Korean, but I will try my best to read it carefully and write a review after 1 month. Luckily, it is summer, so I will have more time to read it.



I heard there were many cases that the CDs of the books might be broken during the delivery, but thanks to twoChois’s great care of packaging, my CDs of this book are in good condition after a long delivery.


TwoChois also gifted me a little cute notebook. I love the panda because it looks very funny. Since the book Topik is very beautiful, I don’t dare to write on it. Hence, I intend to write notes on the cute notebook twoChois gave me. However, my younger brother liked that notebook so much that he insisted on having it 🙂

IMG_0854 IMG_0855

Last but not least, I am totally impressed with the handwritten message from twoChois. Since the development of technology, I don’t have many chances to see handwritten messages. The handwriting shows the emotion and the style of each person. I love twoChois’s slogan “We send you Korea” and their service so much. If you want to buy Korean books or stationery, you can go to twoChois website http://www.twochois.com. If you want to interact with twoChois, learn more about Korean language and Korean culture, read interesting book reviews and join free Book Review Lucky draw, you can go to twoChois’s blog http://twochois.wordpress.com/ .


I also want to express my thanks to Darakwon publisher for sponsoring this book. I love Darakwon books so much. I use a lot of Darakwon books such as Topik master, Complete guide to the Topik, Korean language for Good Job, Korean picture Dictionary and I am really satisfied with their books. You can shop for Darakwon books on twoChois web from this link:


Other Darakwon Korean Language Books
Other Darakwon Korean Language Books

 Thank you twoChois and Darakwon publisher so much :Xxx


4 thoughts on “I have received Korean parcel from twoChois

  1. 와- 너무 자세하게 적어주셔서 감사합니다. Glad to hear that you liked it. 🙂 please use the book enough before you post a review. 감사합니다.


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