Eagerly waiting for Korean parcel from TwoChois


This is a very cute avatar from TwoChois, an online Korean bookstore (http://www.twochois.com/) They organize the Book Review Lucky Draw every Tuesday. In this event, you will apply for the book twoChois offer according to twoChois’ guidance. Then, next Tuesday, the winner will be chosen randomly and  will be sent a free Korean book. After 1 month, the winner have to write a book review. As for this week, twoChois is organizing the 13th Lucky Draw for the book2000 Essential Korean Words for Beginners. You can go to this link to apply. 



 I am very lucky to be the winner of the 10th Lucky Draw for the book “Complete guide to the Topik-Advanced”



I feel really grateful to TwoChois for organizing such an interesting event to help people learn more about Korean language and Korean culture. They really care about customers’ demands and have many special gifts and promotions for the customers. They have a lot of Korean books which are divided into many categories on their website. It is like a heaven for shopping Korean books. You can visit their website  http://www.twochois.com/ and their blog http://twochois.wordpress.com/ .

On Thursday, August 1st, 2013, I sent an email with my address to twochois and they replied very fast and professionally. On Friday, my parcel was officially shipped. They even gave me the tracking number so that I could check the status of my parcel. Since winning the event, I feel inspired and motivated to learn Korean more. While waiting for Korean parcel from twoChois, I try to study Korean hard because the book TwoChois sent me is advanced level. I already have the book “TOPIK MASTER Final 실전 모의고사 – Advanced”, so I know how difficult the Advanced Level is. Therefore I have to improve my Korean so that when I receive the book from twoChois, I will not be bewildered.

 I also continuously checked the status of my parcel from the web http://www.track-trace.com/post . Every time there is a new status, I feel eager and excited so much. It took 10 days for the delivery from Korea to Vietnam by AIR MAIL , and then it depends on Vietnamese customs and post office. 


Yesterday, when there was a status “Unsuccessful delivery”, I felt a little bit worried and anxious. Some of my fellow bloggers also received that status and it meant that you had to go to the post office to pick up the parcel by yourself. Therefore, I went to the web of Vietnamese Post Office to track my parcel. htp://www.vnpost.vn/TrackandTrace.aspx The status is that my parcel is successfully delivered to Ho Chi Minh city’s post office, so I went to the web of Ho Chi Minh City’s Post Office to track my parcel. http://tracuudinhvi.hcmpost.vn/dv/default.aspx . The status is that my parcel is successfully delivered from Ho Chi Minh city’s post office to my District’s post office. The web even listed that my parcel is 858 g. Wow. As I see on TwoChois web, my book is 520 g, so maybe twoChois also includes some surprise. I feel really excited and happy. Thank you twoChois so much. ^^

 Then this evening, there was a phone call from my district post office. They told me to go to the post office tomorrow to pick up the parcel. I felt excited and delighted so much. The thought of getting the parcel from twoChois tomorrow really made me happy. I will definitely have a sweet dream tonight. Good night everyone! :Xxx

6 thoughts on “Eagerly waiting for Korean parcel from TwoChois

  1. I’m also waiting for a parcel from TwoChois. Every morning I jump to the door to see if the postman has something for me. The lady living in the flat in front of mine has been asking if I’m waiting for a love letter. (o´ェ`o)ゞ♪


    1. Thanks for the comment. I totally understand your feeling. It is such a special feeling when waiting for something special. I hope your parcel from twoChois will arrive soon.
      By the way, your neighborhood really has a sense of humor ^^


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