68th Korean Liberation Day (광복절)

Today is August 15th which is Gwangbokjeol 광복절-(光復節 ) Korean Liberation Day . This is some useful information about Korean Liberation Day I want to share with you

“Gwangbokjeol 광복절, (literally “Restoration of Light Day”) celebrated annually on August 15, is one of the Public holidays in South Korea. It commemorates Victory over Japan Day, which liberated Korea from colonial rule. The South Korean government was created three years later, on August 13, 1948, when Syngman Rhee was sworn in as the first President of South Korea and Gwangbokjeol was officially designated a public holiday on October 1, 1949.

Many activities and events happen during the day, including an official ceremony with the president in attendance that takes place at the Independence Hall of Korea in Cheonan or at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

All buildings and homes are encouraged to display the national flag Taegukki, and most public museums and places are open free of charge to the descendents of independence activists on the holiday.

The official “Gwangbokjeol song”(광복절 노래) is sung at official ceremonies. The song’s lyrics were written by Jeong Inbo(정인보) and the melody by Yoon Yongha(윤용하). The lyrics speak of “to touch the earth again” and how “the sea dances”, how “this day is the remaining trace of 40 years of passionate blood solidified” and to “guard this forever and ever”.

The government traditionally issues special pardons on Gwangbokjeol.

In North Korea, it is known as Chogukhaebangŭi nal. (조국해방의 날; literally “Liberation of Fatherland Day”).”

 **Song of Korean Liberation Day**.

“흙 다시 만져보자 바닷물도 춤을 춘다.
기어이 보시려던 어른님 벗님 어찌하리
이 날이 사십년 뜨거운 피 엉긴자취니
길이 길이 지키세 길이 길이 지키세

Let us touch the earth again
See how the oceans dance.
Our Elders, Our Friends,
who long to see this day.
Our boiling blood has solidifed
For this day, for forty years.
Let us remember this day for eternity,
Let us remember for eternity”

(Source: http://www.ilovekorean.net/symbols-of-korea/national-holidays/253-liberation-day.html)

Google Doodle celebrates Korean liberation day by a cute image

korean liberation day

 On Instagram, SNSD Taeyeon changed her avatar to a cute drawing of Korean flag.



On the website of SM, SNSD Seohyun sent a message about Korean Liberation Day. ^^

 “여러분~! 오늘은 제68주년 광복절입니다!^^

대한민국을 위해 희생하신 모든 독립투사와 위인들께

감사한 마음으로 광복절의 의미를 되새기는 하루를 보냅시다!^^♥”


 “[From. SEOHYUN] Everyone~!

 Everyone~! Today is the 68th anniversary of Korea’s liberation day!^^

 For the people who sacrificed themselves for the independence of the Republic of Korea

Let’s spend the day with a grateful heart, meditating on the meaning of Independence Day!^^♥”

 Source: http://girlsgeneration.smtown.com/Link/Board/3480452


 Some notes from Naver dictionary:

*엉기다: clot, congeal, coagulate

엉긴 피 : clotted blood

상처에 피가 엉겨 붙었다

Blood has congealed[clotted] around the wound.( 출처:능률교육)

*길이길이: forever; for ever

*독립투사 : fighter for national independence

그의 할아버지는 항일 독립투사였다

His grandfather was a pro-independence fighter against colonialist Japan.(출처:능률교육)

 *되새기다: meditate on….

그녀는 그날 일어난 일들을 되새겨 보았다

She meditated on the day’s events

 자신의 실패와 승리를 되새기다

to review your failures and triumphs


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