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On Sunday, I joined a Korean speaking group at Kanata Korean language centre in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I used to study at that centre last year, but then that center did not offer higher classes, so I quit and started to self-study. I heard about that Korean speaking group on facebook many times, but this is the first time I have joined that group. This group is organized from 9am to 11a.m on every Sunday. Before the meeting, the group leader will post the topic of speaking and some words related to that topic on facebook so that everyone can prepare some ideas about the topics. This group seems very cool, right?

This is the logo of the Korean speaking group. It is really cute, isn’t it?


On Sunday, I rode my motorbike to the center. It is a year since I rode on this street to Kanata center. My memories suddenly kept flooding back. I miss the time when I had to rush from my university to Kanata centre so that I could come to class in time. In Vietnam, there is always traffic jam at rush hour, so no matter how I tried, I was always late for the Korean class. The teachers and students at Kanata are very friendly and sociable. We learned Seoul book 3, but the teacher also gave us additional reading materials. That time was really valuable to me.

  When I arrived at Kanata Center and went to the room for the Korean speaking group, I felt a little bit bewildered because I didn’t know anyone. They gave me materials for the meeting. Wow, they really prepared the materials very carefully. A group consists of about 10 people . There is also a Korean teacher to guide us. Our topic today is 추억 (memory) which is a really interesting topic that fits my mood today. First, we discussed the following questions about memory.


 We sat in a circle and then each student talked about memory in Korean. I felt a little bit nervous when sharing memories because I am not used to talking with strangers so much. I felt so anxious that I hardly expressed my ideas in Korean thoroughly and fluently. When I suddenly paused because of getting stuck, everybody stared at me, which made my heart beating faster and faster. During 2 hours, we just took turn to speak. I felt the atmosphere was a little bit stuffy and uncomfortable because everyone tried to choke out Korean. Because of taking turns to speak, we could not have many chances to speak Korean. I was only able to speak just once.

 The students’ level in the group is different and the number of students joining this group is flexible. Therefore, it is really hard to control the group. Some students speak Korean very well, but other beginner students cannot understand what those people say. I think if they organize some games, maybe everyone will practice speaking Korean more effectively. I also think the group leader should try more to encourage everyone to speak, even the shy members.

 After everyone shared memory, we listened to a Korean song called “아는 남자”by Shinwa. The song was really beautiful.

 What I really like is the additional Korean story they prepared so that we can read it at home. The story is really interesting and touching.


 They also prepared a game , but we had to play it….at home. Maybe they planned to organize that game in the meeting, but they couldn’t control the time, so they let us play at home. Anyway, this meeting is really helpful and interesting, but I’m not sure I will join it often.






8 thoughts on “Korean speaking group

  1. I’d love if I had a speaking group I could be part of. I definitely need to get used to responding in Korean and grasping the sound. Because of all the listening I do to Daehyun, his Busan accent rubs off on me. Imagine me going to Korea with a Busan accent in Seoul. I’m already a foreigner. XD

    It sounds like the group leader should try some new ways to make beginners comfortable with speaking. My Japanese professor welcomes mistakes so even if you mess up she’ll correct you but thank you for messing up. XD Hopefully as time goes by, everyone will feel more comfortable speaking.


    1. Thank you very much for your comment. The idea of a speaking group or speaking class is really wonderful. It is a great chance to practice speaking Korean and interact with many people. If this group can have more interesting and practical activities, I think everyone can join this club and practice speaking korean comfortably.
      If you have a chance, you should speak or listen to many Korean people from different accents. ^^


  2. Hi! Thank you for following my blog and for the wonderful comment. I wish I would be able to join some speaking group and meet some Koreans as well… it could be a great help for me to be able to learn the language and also speak the language faster. As of the moment I could only be able to practice my Korean knowledge during class which is just once a week and there are no Korean people living in my neighborhood… and I notice that when ever I speak Korean I have a terrible accent … it’s easy for people to know I am not Korean…


    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I totally agree with you. If we study Korean in an environment where we can interact with Korean, we can improve our Korean proficiency fast. However, not everyone can have a chance to learn Korean in a perfect environment. As for your case, if you don’t have Korean friends, you can watch Korean drama, listen to KPOP or try to imitate or repeat Korean dialogues in Korean books so that you can improve your Korean .^^


  3. You study Korean very hard. Well…I cannot help making a comment on the first picture, “의논 질문” because I notice some awkward expressions and some mistakes in word spacing. Please understand that I’m not criticizing, but I would like to just let you know the right Korean expressions. Have a Korean native speaker written it?


    1. Hello Jessie, thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate your correction and suggestion. If you see any mistakes from my post, please correct it for me. Thank you very much. ^^”
      By the way, the 의논 질문 and the game were prepared by some students. The teacher only prepared the story “아픈 추억 하나”.


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