A change in the format of 31st Topik audio files.

Hello, everybody. How do you do these days? I hope that you all enjoy your summer. These days I immersed myself in doing previous Topik tests so much that I don’t have time to write blog often . My desk is full of Topik papers, which sometimes makes me feel overwhelmed. I plan to spend my summer finishing all the Intermediate Korean textbooks, but it seems impossible. Besides knowledge, we need to get used to the formats of the exams. Therefore, I think it’s time to do previous Topik test rather than sticking to the Korean textbooks.

 As you know, the 31 Topik took place last Sunday. There are also test papers, answer keys and audio files on the Topik page. When downloading the 31st Topik audio files for the listening part, I am a little bit surprised to see them in the zip format instead of the mp3 format as usual.

topik 31

 After downloading the files, I hurry to extract the zip format. And then to my surprise I see 30 mp3 audio files. Normally there is only one Topik mp3 audio file for each Topik test. However as for the 31st Topik, there are 30 mp3 files for 30 questions in the Topik listening part.  I am really happy for this change. Normally because there is only one audio file with the length of 45 minutes, I only listen to it once and then never have enough patience to listen to it again. However, as for 30 separate audio files of the 31st topik, I can choose and replay any audio file I can’t hear clearly. It’s an effective way to save time and practice listening. 

topik 31 2However, it also has a negative aspect. Remember that when taking Topik test, you are only allowed to listen to the tape TWICE for each question. Therefore, if you replay each question TOO MANY TIMES, it will create bad habits. I think at first we should listen to each question TWICE to get used to the format of the exam. Sometimes you cannot hear clearly nor understand the tape, but just let it go and continue to listen to the next question. After finishing, check the answers to evaluate your listening ability. Finally you can listen to each question as many times as you want to practice your listening skill.

 I hope that with my tips, you can improve your listening skill and prepare for the topik exam well. ^^

You can download from this link



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