Back to Korean class

May and June are two months I don’t like because that is the time for final exams. I had a difficult time doing all the assignments, writing final essays, doing projects and taking English final exams. Sometimes I nearly want to give up because of the overwhelming workload. I even cannot keep up the English diary daily.

During that time, I cannot find any spare time to learn Korean. However, I still try to watch Korean dramas and practice Korean thanks to SNSD Taeyeon, Yuri, Hyoyeon’s Instagram. I stalked their instagrams and try to understand their Korean texts. Now the summer begins and I am making plans to study Korean and prepare for the Topik 32th in the October.

 Luckily, I found a new program held by the Korean Cultural Centre where we can learn Korean free. They have Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced classes and other classes. After self-studying Korean for 1 year, I decide to take Korean class again because that program is very interesting and FREE ^^.  We will study Korean free for 12 weeks . However, each class is only available for the first 30 people who registered for this program. Luckily, I can gain a place in that program.

 These pictures are hung at the entrance to the Korean Cultural Centre. I am really excited to see SNSD in hanboks and many delicious Korean food on those pictures. ^^

 IMG_7773 IMG_7774 IMG_7775


At first, I took the Intermediate class, but it turned out to be too easy , so I changed to Advanced class. I am really satisfied with this class. We use Kyunghee textbooks advanced 1 and 2  which are super hard, but very interesting with Korean culture, customs, food, history and so on. The Vietnamese and Korean teachers are very friendly, devoted and talented. I have learned a lot from them. I love their classes so much that I always go to class despite heavy rain. However, I have to prepare for the lessons and do exercises before class. After studying Korean in my own way for 1 year, I have to get used to the new way of learning Korean. Because there are too many vocabularies in the Kyunghee Advanced textbooks , it took me about 2 hours to look up the dictionary and try to translate the whole reading passages naturally. In class, each student will read each sentence and translate it. I haven’t read out loud Korean passages in front of many people in 1 year, so I feel a little shy. The teachers explained the difficult vocabulary, structures, Korean culture and organized many interesting activities. I feel very lucky to join this program. I feel very grateful to the teachers and the organizers of this programs. 

10 thoughts on “Back to Korean class

    1. From my own experience, I think that:
      1.Yonsei Textbooks are too thick with too many lessons while Kyunghee Textbooks are concise with only 8 lessons but cover many important grammars and a lot of vocabulary.
      2. Yonsei Textbooks don’t have answer keys while Kyunghee Textbooks have answer keys,so it is easier for self-study.
      3. Yonsei Textbooks have more practical sentences and up-to-date vocabulary usages while Kyunghee Textbooks have a little bit old-fashioned and academic words.
      4. Yonsei Textbooks are colorful with many illustrations while Kyunghee Textbooks are a little dry and boring.


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