Korean Cultural Centre


On Sunday, I joined a talk about Korean Studying Abroad at the Korean Cultural Centre. This is the first time I have gone to the Korean Cultural Centre, so I was very nervous. Luckily, there were many friends of mine there.

First, the teacher explained how the attitude played an important role in success. Then he talked about the meaning of the Korean seesaw game (시소 놀이)  and provided the information on Korean Studying Abroad .

Next is the program of choosing the lucky numbers to give away the presents. There are many gifts available such as smart phones, USB, T-Shirts, Notebooks, Korean books. I just need the Korean books. Please…please…please….!!!! However…. finally, I only got a Korean Blueberry Toothpaste (블루베리치약) and a cute notebook. :((( I am jealous of those who can get the original Korean textbooks. :(( Luckily, then the teacher kindly gave away many photocopied Korean books. I am extremely grateful to the teacher. Thank you, thank you so much 선생님 ^^

IMG_6110 IMG_6109 480250_624216600928893_861152519_n (1) IMG_6112


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