Anglofuns Affair


Anglofuns Affair was held by English Linguistics and Literature Department on campus. Each class set up a stall to sell food and drinks. The stall of my class sold Chocolate Biscuits and Lemon Tea which are English favorite meals.

From the early morning, our classmates gathered to prepare everything. We decorated our stall with bright colors and a vase with flowers secretly plucked from somewhere. Then my friend brought the chocolate biscuits made by himself. We wrapped some crunchy biscuits in the white dot cellophane and tied the top with purple or red ribbons. While wrapping the biscuits, we chatted cheerfully together and sometimes pinched few biscuits secretly. Hihi. Yesterday, my friend baked many batches of biscuits and posted a picture on FB. Today, we had the chance to taste those biscuits. I love the crispy edges of the brown biscuits studded with sweet chocolate chips. The flavour was just lightly sweet, which tempted us into eating more. Crunchy chocolate biscuits and sweet sour lemon tea made it perfect for a sunny Saturday morning.

IMG_5915 253743_583052171704885_722912425_nIMG_5906

Then, we started to welcome our new customers to sell biscuits and tea. There were not many people knowing of this affair, so we had to go around the campus to introduce our products. Sometimes, the security chased us away because of thinking that we were the vendors ;)) I came across a Korean friend and used Korean to invite him to our class’ stall. It’s a long time since I spoke Korean, so I could not express my words fluently. I just used simple words to explain about the Anglofuns Affair, chocolate biscuits and lemon tea. Luckily, he understood what I meant, but then when I instructed my Korean friend to stick the badge on the board to vote for our stall, I did not know how to explain in Korean :((( I just stood there choking out some words, but he could not get my ideas. I am so disappointed at my Korean speaking skill. :((

I and my Korean friend ^^
I and my Korean friend ^^


IMG_5921Other stalls Other stalls

 Other stall

Finally was the “Culture of the mind” contest which tested the knowledge of the main countries that use English. I and two other friends joined the contest. The first round was the knowledge game. We had to bet some virtual money and answer the questions. We managed to have a high score. Next, one person had to stand and act while two others tried to guess the words or phrases. Finally was the presentation. We had to link three pictures on the screen to make a story. Our pictures were Mr. Bean, Tea and The Big Ben tower. Our group decided to tell one day of Mr. Bean to describe the London daily activities and cultures such as tea break, Big Ben Tower, the Pub, the phone box. Madame Tussauds museum and so on. The results came out and our team gained the first prize. Thanks to this contest, we have learned more about the cultures ^^



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