TOPIK Intermediate Vocabulary List

Wow!!! Here is good news on a spring morning. The web Topikguide has just released the list of Topik Intermediate Vocabulary, and here is a piece of their short introduction:

“The following list contains all the words from 2nd to 25th TOPIK (a total of 24 tests) in order of their number of appearances. The words come from all the four sections of TOPIK paper. There are total 8656 words in the list. The words have been categorized into 24 sections according to their frequency.

The 192 words on top (i.e. 24회) are the words that have appeared in all 24 tests from 2nd-25th TOPIK, and so, these are the words that you must know. The last table (i.e. 1회) contains the largest no. of words (3776) and these are words that have appeared only once in those 24 TOPIK tests. The list contains only the base form of words (ex. 가다 for 가면) and excludes particles.”

You can check here

I really appreciate their effort to compile such a detailed and useful list. Many thanks to Topikguide ^^ And now is how I use that list. Of course I don’t like lists of vocabulary. I prefer using them as reference to check and look up vocabulary. Therefore, I just keep doing the previous Topik paper and looking up the new words on my own. My experience is when you look up the new words by yourself, you will remember the words longer than when you study from a list someone else has already compiled for you ^^.  Finally, after studying the previous Topik Paper by myself, I will use the list of vocabulary Topikguide compiled to revise and check if I miss any words. Anyway, I am really grateful to Topikguide ^^


Happy studying, everyone ^^

12 thoughts on “TOPIK Intermediate Vocabulary List

  1. Yep, I agree with you! Generally, I love lists 🙂 although the best way to really learn and internalize some new words is (at least for me) to search them on your own and creating list for yourself… and then using anki to space repetition! lol
    Thank you so much for sharing the list, even though my level is very very beginner, I need to learn A LOT of korean vocabulary (it’s my weakest point!)
    안녕! :3


  2. Thank you so much for mentioning it on your blog… 🙂
    I also agree with you.. The best approach is to go through previous papers, make a list of words and grammar patterns that you don’t know and look them up.. but some people like the lists.. 🙂


    1. wow!! I’m so surprised to receive your comment ^^ Thank you so much for compiling the list. Everyone has their own ways to learn languages, so how to use the list effectively depends on each person ^^


  3. Thanks for sharing! I was busy nursing my broken heart that I forgot I must take TOPIK this October! THis post reminds me to start preparing.
    I also don’t like word lists because I really can’t memorize them. But I love this list because I can use it as a guide to see what are the words that I don’t know and have to work on. 🙂


    1. Hello Alodia,
      Long time no see. I hope you can recover soon ^^
      I totally agree with you. This list is a good guideline to prepare for Topik. ^^ I hope that we both will do the Topik 32th well.


  4. How many vocabulary does one need to know for topik level 3 and 4? On the topikguide website, it only lists the total number of words you need to know for levels 1 and 2.


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