♥New plan for TOPIK♥


I intended to take the 30th Intermediate Topik exam, but I was still confused and undecided.

From the 28th Intermediate Topik results, with 88 and 70 marks for Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading but 47 and 42 marks for Writing and Listening,  I realized that my writing and listening skills were so bad. Therefore, I tried my best to improve writing and listening skill in preparation for 30th Topik exam.

Time passed by and the deadline for registering Topik exam came near. However, my writing and listening skills haven’t improved yet. Maybe that is my fault.  No matter how I try, I am in no mood of learning writing and listening. I only study vocabulary, grammar and reading part in the textbooks and skip the writing and listening part. Now I knew my outcome. :(( I regret not dedicating to studying Korean, but now it is too late. I am not confident of taking the 30th Topik. Therefore, I decided to quit. From now on, I will make a new plan for the 32th Topik Exam in October.

***About writing skill***

Forcing myself to write in Korean did not work. Therefore, I will start to write diaries or some feelings in Korean every day. No matter how busy I am, I must finish one entry in Korean. ^^ If I don’t complete that task, I cannot listen to SNSD song =))))

***About listening skill***

I realize one of my problems is that I have a tendency of listening through earphones. When listening through earphones, we have the illusions of the clear and loud sound. I tend to turn on the volume of the earphones louder, which makes my mother feel annoyed because when she spoke to me, I could not hear.  Another problem was when I took the Topik exam test in the exam room, they used cassettes, which made me hard to listen to and follow. Therefore, I will try to use the speaker instead of the earphones. Luckily, I found a small Nokia speaker in the storage. My dad bought it for me 8 years ago, but I soon neglected it when I have the iPod. The speaker was not in good condition, but I can make use of it. From today, I will try better on my listening skill ^^

Another problem is that I tend to “hear” rather than “listening”.  Hearing means “perceiving or apprehending by the ear”  while listening means” putting some effort into hearing and interpreting and responding to the sounds.”  Thus, I will try to listen to KPOP songs attentively, then check the lyrics to see how the singers pronounce and learn some new vocabularies. It will be fun ^^


8 thoughts on “♥New plan for TOPIK♥

    1. Thank you for your encouragement. Good luck to your first try at Topik ^^ Doing the previous Topik exam is very important. I only did the Vocabulary, Grammar part in the Topik paper, and it might be the reason why my vocabulary, grammar marks were high ^^


  1. If money is not a problem for you, you should try the 30th exam 😀 Unless the deadline is already over T_T ! I’m sure you can do it ! You have excellent vocabulary, grammar and reading score 😮 Listening and writting should easily follow with some practice, there’s still 2 months to go 😛 Watch a lot of Korean drama and songs with Korean subs if possible and you’ll see some improvement ! As for your writting skills, writting a diary is an excellent idea ^^ Anyway good luck with your study and tank you for reading my blog hihi ^_^


    1. Hello Ren!! Nice to meet you!! Your comment really gives me great encouragement. Unfortunately, the deadline for registration was over and I am currently overwhelmed with English workload at my university. I think I just need to spend more time brushing up on my Korean skills before being ready for the Topik test ^^ I am also motivated so much when seeing your effort of learning Korean and preparing for Topik through your blog ❤ Keep moving forward and good luck to your Topik exam ^^


      1. Nice to meet you too ^^ I’m happy I can motivate other people through my blog 😀 And yeah you just need to keep studying a bit everyday until the 32th exam and I’m sure it’ll be fine ^^ ! As for me I’m a bit scared because I’ve only got 52/100 for grammar and vocab and same for listening.. TT But I’ll work super hard and I’ll make it !!! 😀 Thank you for your cheers 🙂


  2. How are your resolutions coming along? 🙂 I just sat the 30th TOPIK today and to be honest it was pretty frustrating… I feel like it was a difficult test (the 29 I took as practice last week felt much easier), so you can be happy that you have the opportunity to sit the 32nd test instead 😉

    Listening used to be my weakest TOPIK skill for a long time until I decided to listen to Korean radio/podcasts for half an hour every evening before sleeping (I like 유인나의 볼륨을 높여요, 장기하의 대단한 라디오, 음악도시 성시경입니다, and the classical music podcast 전진희의 음악일기). At first I didn’t understand anything they were saying apart from single words… After 3 months of daily listening I can often follow the topic and sometimes I can even enjoy the way they phrase things. It’s pretty amazing how much this totally passive listening has helped. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if that section was my strongest in the test. Just a suggestion, maybe there is also an SNDS-centric program… You can download Korean radio programs through itunes or other podcast sites for free, which is pretty neat.

    Good to see another English major who loves Korean, by the way 😉


    1. Hello Renatie Smartie,
      I’m very happy to receive your comments. The Topik exams seem to get more and more difficult. Anyway, I believe that you will receive good results for your Topik Exam because I see you work very hard through your blog. ^^

      Thank you very much for your advice on listening skills. I will try your methods. Hope that my listening skills will improve for the Topik 32 ^^


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