Google Doodle for Lunar New Year 2013

google vn 2

Happy Lunar New Year 2013!!!!

This is my first post of the Lunar New Year. I feel very excited and eager on the first day. Thank you very much for supporting me through this blog. In this new year, I will try my best to complete the goals I set and be more dedicated to learning languages  ^^ I hope that everyone will have a happy Lunar New year too ^^

One of the surprise of the Lunar New Year is that Google Doodle even made a Google Doodle which is the logo on the Goole home page for VIETNAM. This logo is associated with Vietnamese tradition including:

+ two baskets ofgao nep”(Vietnamse glutious rice)

+ a boy and a girl inAo Dai” (Vietnamese traditional dress)

+ they are makingBanh Chung” (Vietnamese Square glutinous rice cake filled with green bean paste and fat pork)

+ “Cay neu (New Year Bamboo Pole)

You can watch this on

google vn 2

Google also made a Google Doodle for KOREAN. Wow!!! The logo is so cute with a boy and a girk in HANBOK (Korean Traditional Dress).

You can watch this on

google kr 2

Google also made a special Google Doodle for Asian Countries that celebrate the Lunar New Year. The logo is a coin and a Snake because 2013 is the Year Of Snake. Then you can click on the Play Button in the center of the coin and play the game by helping the snake eat .^^

You can click on these links to play the Snake games or and so on

google asia google asia game

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