Interesting phone numbers in Korea


While wandering on the Internet, I came across this article about the phone numbers in Korea and I thought it was super interesting . This article explains funnily how the sounds of those numbers are related to the owner of that phone number. Here is the article:

 재미있는 전화 번호

    한국에는 재미있는 전화 번호가 많이 있습니다. 전화 번호책을 보면 ‘000-2424’ 라는 번호가  있습니다. 어디인 것 같습니까? 전화를 걸어 보십시오. 그러면 이삿짐 센터가 나올 겁니다. 왜 그럴까요?  2424를 발음하면 ‘이사이사’가 됩니다. 이사겠지요? 그러면 5252는 어디인 것 같습니까?  ‘오이오이’ 싱싱한 야채를 파는 가게집 전화 번호입니다. 그러면 8282는 어디일까요? ‘빨리빨리’ 심부름 센터입니다. 2875는 어디일까요? 이팔칠오, 이빨치료, 이빨을 치료하는 곳, 치과 전화 번호입니다. 서울 역 전화 번호는 무엇인 것 같습니까?  기차 소리는 ‘칙칙폭폭’이지요? 칙칙폭폭, 칠칠팔팔, 7788 번이 서울역 전화 번호입니다. 중고품 가게는 팔고사고 하는 곳이니까 8949 입니다. 1004를 읽으면 천사, 천사들이 사는 곳이라는 뜻입니다. 1009는 ‘천국’ 과 발음이 비슷합니다. 교회 전화 번호입니다.

And this is my English translation. If there is any mistake, please help me correct it. Thank you ^^

Interesting phone numbers

There are many interesting phone numbers in Korea. If you look up in a telephone directory, there will be a number which is “0000-2424“. Does it look like somewhere? Why don’t you try making phone calls? If you do that, the removal company will appear. Why is it like that? If you pronounce the number 2424, it sounds like “이사이사”. It means you will move your house, doesn’t it? Then which place does 5252  look like? It is the phone number of the store that sells fresh vegetable, especially cucumbers  “오이오이”. Then where is 8282? It is the ‘빨리빨리’fast errand center. Where is 2875? “이팔칠오” is pronounced as /이빨치료/ which means “dental treatment”. It is the phone number of the dental clinic, a place to get dental treatment.  What does the phone number of the Seoul Station look like? The sound of train is “칙칙폭폭’, isn’t it? “칙칙폭폭” sounds like 칠칠팔팔 which is the phone number 7788 . Junk shop is the place to sell and buy (팔고사고) which is pronounced nearly the same as 팔구사구 : 8949. If you read the number 1004 as 천사, it means the place where the Angels (천사) live. 1009 /천구/ nearly has the same pronunciation with “천국” which also means heaven. That is the phone number of the Church.

In summary:

0000-2424: phone number of the removal center because  0000-2424 is pronounced as /이사이사/. 이사 means moving house.

5252: phone number of the vegetable store because 5252 is pronounced as /오이오이/. 오이 means cucumber.

8282: phone number of the fast errand center because 8282 is pronounced as / 빨리빨리/ which means fast.

2875: phone number of the dental clinic because 2875 (이팔칠오) is pronounced as /이빨치료/ . 이빨치료 means dental treatment.

7788: phone number of the Seoul Station because 7788 /칠칠팔팔/ sounds like/칙칙폭폭/ which is the sound of the train.

8949: phone number of the junk shop because 8949 / 팔구사구/ sounds like /팔고사고/ which means “sell and buy “

1004 : place where angels live because 1004 is pronounced as /천사/ which also means “angel”

1009: phone number of the Church because 1009/천구/ nearly has the same pronunciation with “천국” which also means heaven

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