MV Disturbance(Boa)- Hourglass image

MV Disturbance그런 너 by Boa is so wonderful.

The video is a sweet and sad ballad. I like the melody and the soft light in the movie, which makes everything blur and mysterious. This video is about a couple who are in the verge of break-up. Drown in the sadness, Taemin started to recall the beautiful memories. The hourglass was the most impressive image in this movie. The more sand poured down in the hourglass, the more sadness poured down. The special thing about this MV is the offer of two choices leading to two different endings. I am really into this type .

The first choice is ” Let time go by” 시간을 흘려보내시겠습니다.

The second choice is “Go back to the past”시간을 되돌리시겠습니다.

So, which one do you prefer?

3 thoughts on “MV Disturbance(Boa)- Hourglass image

  1. Taemin has really grown into a man, he’s been my SHINee bias since I first listened to SHINee World in 2008 🙂 I really liked this song and MV, it’s different to what SME usually does and the different endings was lovely too. I’m not sure what choice is best to be honest, it is up to the viewer.


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