[Hansarang]Korean Handicraft-Hanji, paper Hanbok

We spent most of the time making the boxes, and then decorated it with 한지( Hanji- Korean traditional paper) ^^

First we draw like this to form the box. ^^

Then, then we had to tear the paper into small pieces and stuck them into the frames.

There were even some decorative stuffs like flowers, hangeul….to decorate. It is a long time since I made cute things like that.  Finally, each of us stood up to introduce our products. ^^

My product
My product

There were also instructions to make paper Hanboks. It’s a regret that we did not have enough time to make the paper hanboks.

Instructions for making paper hanbok

And this is the last day with team A, and also the end of this exchange program. I miss them so much :(((( Thanks to cute and enthusiastic Korean friends, I have learned a lot about Korean Cultures and also made new friends. These memories will linger in my mind despite time ^^


Some photos from FB Hansarang

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252634_250745675057257_691620258_n 37086_250748071723684_42472903_n


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