[Hansarang center] Traditional Korean Games with team A

First, Korean friends danced a traditional Korean dance with Hansam (한삼) ( the sleeve extensions of a dress) We just needed to wear 2 sleeves having brown, green, red, yellow, blue and white., then we danced enthusiastically.



Secondly, we played the game 무궁화꽃이 피었습니다”. Basically, one person(X) stood far away from the other friends. While X is closing his or her eye and saying “무궁화꽃이 피었습니다”, everyone moves forward. When X stopped saying, everyone stopped moving. The one caught moving becomes X. So much fun =)))))

IMG_4145 IMG_4143 IMG_4141

The third game is “둥글게 둥글게”. We hold our hands to create a circle, and then both moved and sang the song.Then, when we heard a number (for example, 4), we had to form the groups, each of whom has members. Those who cannot form the group were excluded. I and my friends won that game and we had to dance Gangnam Style =))))



둥글게 둥글게 둥글게 둥글게

빙글빙글 돌아가며 춤을 춥시다
손뼉을 치면서 노래를 부르며
랄라랄라 즐거웁게 춤추자링가링가링가 링가링가링
링가링가링가 링가링가링
손에 손을 잡고 모두 다함께
즐거웁게 춤을 춥시다

..(We just sang part of the song). For the full song, please watch this youtube.


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