[Hansarang]Korean rice balls- green onion pancakes-Watermelon fruit salad

I was eager for this topic. hihi. Today we had a chance to cook Korean food with Korean friends. I like Hansarang language center very much because it has a room for cooking.

First, we made the food named 주먹밥(Jumok bab)- Korean rice balls filled with vegetables, fried eggs and  coated in a seaweed.  Originally, 주먹(Jumok) is a fist, so that is the reason why you have to make a riceball looking like a fist. These rice balls are easy to make and convenient, so you can make it for a picnic. The recipe is very easy.

1.Mix all the ingredients including rice, diced carrots, diced fried eggs and shredded dried seaweed together in a bowl or a pot.

2.Add some sesame oil to make the ingredients stick together .

3. Scoop up and squeeze the rice into a ball by hand. The rice is quite hot, so you should use the gloves to protect your hands and keep the rice balls clean.

4. Sprinkle shredded seaweed over the rice balls.

shredded dried seaweed

주먹밥: Korean rice balls
주먹밥: Korean rice balls

Then we made the 파전 -Korean Green Onion Pancake 파 means green onions and 전 means pancake. Korean friends told us that Korean people often ate hot pancakes on a rainy day. Wow!!! So great!! If you dip the pancakes into the soy sauce, it will deepen the flavour of the food.  I love the flavour of biting the crispy edges of the pancakes and savour the scent of fried onions mixed in the batter. The recipe is very easy:

1. Buy the Korean pancake flour which is available in any markets

2. Clean and cut the green onions

3. Mix the chopped green onions together with the pancake flour.

4. Pour the batter into a pan to fry and then enjoy.



Korean pancake flour with green onions


파전: Korean green onions pancake
파전: Korean green onions pancakes

And finally is 수박화채 (Watermelon fruit salad). We just need to mix fruity watermelon with any fruit of your choice (tangerine, banana, longan) and milk, Cider (7-up ) .  Super cool!!!


수박화채 (Watermelon fruit salad).
수박화채 (Watermelon fruit salad)


Then we enjoyed the meal while chatting and taking pictures.

Korean friends
Korean friends
Korean friends
Korean friends
Korean friends
Korean friends
Korean friends
Korean friends




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