[Hansarang center] Topic: Korean History and Culture

The topic today is Korean History and Culture. First, Chae Yong introduced the main Korean periods which are 고조선, 삼국시대, 통일신라시대, 고려, 조선, 대한민국. The way he said was very interesting and humorous. When he held a quiz about “고조선의 지도자“. I raised hand and said that he was 단군.  My answer was right, so I received cute gifts.


Some interesting facts about Korean are

*In 고조선, 단군 married a bear. (The folktale about Dangun is famous and interesting =)

*In 고구려 period,  주몽 had an ability to ride the horse and turn round to shoot arrows.


*백제 period was famous for making the jewellery.

*In 삼국 period, 불교 (Buddism) is 국가 종교 (national religion)

*In 신라 period, 선덕 is the first Queen in Korean History. We were recommended to watch the film 선덕여왕

*In 교려period, the country developed rapidly with trading internationally and inventing weapons.

*조선 period is the Korean period I love most, and of course we have to mention 세종대왕 who invented Hangul.

*일제강점기: 35년 . Japanese forced occupation

*6.25 전쟁: In June 25 1953, the war between North Korea and South Korea broke out

Then we play the game 3.6.9 . This is the first time I have played this game. Each person had to say a number in turn from 1,. but when you say a number including 3, 6 or 9, you have to clap instead of shout a number. For example, 1st person says 1, the 2nd person says 2, the 3rd person has to clap hands, the 4th person says 4…..

*The next lecture was about Korean Culture. I was very impressed by the clip about Bibimbap. It was very interesting. You can watch here.

Finally we learned about 혈액형 (Blood type) . As for Korean, knowing blood type of each other is very important. We learned about 4 blood types together with the characteristics. Very interesting!!!


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