[Hansarang center] First day of exchange program

While searching on FB, I found out there was a language center that would organize a free cultural exchange program between Korean students and Vietnamese students in January 2013.

This center named Hansarang is near my house and the program sounds interesting, so I decide to participate. After self-studying Korean for a while, I think this is the good chance to learn about Korean cultures and practice Korean .

Today is the first day of the exchange. Before I entered the room, Korean friends welcomed my enthusiastically and gave me a piece of paper with the name Chae Yong. It turned out that my mission is to find the friend named Chae Yong. The first challenge was super fun. Finally I found him. He was very cute with a pair of glasses.  He was also in SNSD like me. Hihi.

Then we introduced ourselves and talked friendly. Then the whole participants were divided into many groups to play games. One member would see a Korean word and the picture illustrating that word on the television.  Then he or she had to use body languages to help the the rest of members guessed that word. We spent a lot of time playing this game. Our team’s topic was sport. Hic, I was very bad at sport, so my vocabulary of sport is poor. However, through this game, I learned a lot new words such as 사격 (marksman), 펜싱 (fencing), 양궁 (archery), 역도 (weightlifting), 마라톤 (marathon) , 사이클링 (cycling) , 체조 (gymnastics)



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