Our class organized the event called Gmax to celebrate Christmas. Because we had an exam at Christmas, so the day was delayed. We spent a good time making food and talking!! Super fun!!!

Today I even had a chance to make Kim Bap. After putting the cucumber, fried egg, carrots and rice on the Seaweed,  Pet and Boca instructed me how to roll the Kim Bap. I had difficulty using the Bamboo Mat to roll, so I could not roll the Kim Bap tight.  Looking the way Pet and Boca roll the Kim Bap, I admire them so much.

13599_10151146109266371_1224219971_n 16818_10151146118966371_2057048307_n IMG_3278 553459_540008192675950_362861567_n IMG_3290 IMG_3291 IMG_3292 IMG_3300 IMG_3315 P1040831 IMG_3279 483363_540009749342461_641797271_n 483289_540009836009119_1103351956_n 379411_10151146109506371_1140614134_n 318673_540009782675791_75411458_n 75993_540009909342445_972021959_n 264602_540008249342611_1678636483_n


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