Topik 28

I like to collect pens used for the Topik ^^
I like to collect pens used for the Topik ^^

I intended to ditch the 28th Intermediate topik because I was overloaded by English essays at my University. I had to write a 5-page essay about American Culture and 3-page essay for Research Methods and the deadline was due to next Tuesday. And I know my knowledge of Korean was not enough for the Intermediate Topik. I tried to do some previous Topik paper and realized they were really difficult. I just studied Korean thoroughly in summer, but when the new semester began, I had to immerse myself in English because my major is English Linguistics and Literature. However, when I recalled my efforts of learning Korean in summer, I decided to take the test. I wanted to give myself a chance to check my level and knew my weakness to improve.

Well, the Vocabulary and Grammar part was extremely easy, but the Writing Part was super HARD, especially the cloze test because I could not think up any words to fill in the blanks. The Listening part was the most challenging part. I knew Listening was my weakness, but I could not believe that it was so bad like this. The quality of cassettes was good, but there were a lot of noises outside because Hong Bang University organized Halloween Party today!!! Hic, after 20 minutes, I gave up the Listening part and jumped into the Reading Part because Reading was my strength. It meant that I had 70 minutes to do the Reading, but unfortunately I ran out of time. I could not finish the last 10 questions. :(((

I like to collect pens used for the Topik ^^
I like to collect pens used for the Topik ^^


My topik results exceeded my expectation.

Vocabulary:88, Writing:47, Listening:42, Reading:70=>61.75=> Topik 3

I could not believe my eyes :((( I was so happy. Thanks to this results, I know that I have to improve writing and listening skill.

Ngoc Lan-2


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