Final round of World Date with Shinee

img_0036 (1)

The final round of selecting Vietnamese candidate for the KBS program “World Date with Shinee” was organized in the meeting hall in my University, so I went to the meeting hall to watch the program.

Ah!!!Siwon!!!My idol!!!!Oppa is so handsome in the vest, which reminded me of the MV Spy.

This program was sponsored by LG and KBS, so the equipment is very modern. The LCD Television spread over the stages. There was also a stripe of glittery silver behind the TV.

First was the game for the audience. MC asked a lot of questions and the audience raised hands to answer. I made friends with a girl named Jiao Yuan who studied  Business English in China and we tried to raise hands and shouted a lot to get MC’s attention. Finally, I had the chance to answer the question ” Which is Shinee Debut’s date?”. My answer ” May 25 2008” was right, so I received a little gift. Wow!!! That is the coupon to buy things in CoopMart Supermarket.

Then I enjoyed the competition of candidates. They are very talented.

IMG_0035 IMG_0034
IMG_0040 IMG_0048 IMG_0044

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