[USSH center] Taiwan exchange programs

Tie Dan
Tie Dan

I attended the exchange programs with Taiwan students at USSH center.

On the first day, we introduced ourselves and then the Taiwan students introduced some guidelines of applying scholarship in Taiwan. They also introduced Taiwan cultures. We even had a chance to savour 鐵蛋(Tie Dan)-Taiwan Iron eggs/stone eggs/Taiwanese chocolates which are are eggs stewed repeatedly in spices and air-dried. Hence, the eggs are dark brown, chewy and full of flavor . Next, we tried Taiyang Bing (太陽餅 Sun Cake) having many layers of paper-thin dough interspersed with sweet maltose .

On the second day, we learned some vocabularies like shapes, colors and practiced speaking. I and a friend named Mai acted very funnily. When Taiwan friend said what we think of the triangle. I said “Underwear” . So fun =)))) Today, we tried the cakes that have a half-moon shape ^^ This is the last day of Taiwan exchange program. I miss cute Taiwan friends very much.

Tie Dan
Tie Dan

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