A- Level Chinese Exam days!!


Yesterday, my best friend Nana gifted me many cute presents surprisingly, so I felt extremely happy. She gave me a lot of encouragement.

Today , I and Nana took the A-Level Chinese exam. The first part is Vocabulary/Grammar. I did well because it was so easy. Then the listening part was a little bit hard. Finally is the speaking test. Nana and I were very scared. I had to tell activities in one day. Poor me, I prepared all the speaking topics except for this topic . Luckily, I used to write an essay about activities in one day for preparation of TOPIK , so I just needed to translate into Chinese.  ^^

**Updated: My results

Voc, Gram:19/20, Listening:17/20, Speaking:17/20->50/60. I passed and my scores were the highest. :((( I was so happy, but I know the journey to the Intermediate Chinese Level was awaiting ahead. I should not live in victory :(( The problem is that I love Korean so much that I spent lots of time studying Korean instead of Chinese 😦


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