Topik 26+Japan Genki Festival


Today I took the 26th Elementary Topik Exam. This exam was very important to me because if I did not get Topik 초급 2, I would not be allowed to continue studying English at  my university.

Because my major is English Linguistics and Literature , I must study another language as a second foreign language. If I study Korean, I will have to get Topik초급2 after finishing the second year at the university and have to get Topik중급2  for graduation requirement. :(( I heard that in other university, they just needed to get Topik 초급1 for graduation requirement :((( Therefore, I was under stress when taking this exam. I want to study Korean as pleasure , not as certificate pressure .

To prepare for Topik 26, I did all previous Elementary Topik paper from 7회 to 23회 and I was studying Book Seoul 3. I had no difficulty in doing the 26th Topik except for the cloze test in Writing part. I could not think up with any words to fill in the blanks . They were my weakness. Two last questions in Listening part were very difficult.

***Updated: My 26th Topik Results

Vocabulary, Grammar:93. Writing:  84.  Listening: 90. Reading: 96 =>90.75 => 초급 2

I was so happy because it meant that I could continue studying English in my third year at the University.  I could not believe that my writing skill was worse than Listening skill.

topik 26 Ngoc Lan

After the exam, I and my friend took the bus to join the Japan Genki Festival taking place at 23/9  Park. This festival was a lot of fun. There was a cherry tree which was delivered from Japan to Vietnamese yesterday, but now all cherry blossoms withered due to the hot weather in Viet Nam . It was such a pity!:((

IMG_1511 IMG_1515 IMG_1518 IMG_1520 IMG_1524 IMG_1526 IMG_1528 IMG_1530 IMG_1531 IMG_1541 IMG_1544 IMG_1545 IMG_1554 IMG_1559 IMG_1568 IMG_1572 IMG_1575 IMG_1579



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