Exchange Program with SAS (Semester At Sea) students


At first, we gathered in a room to discuss the issue of teaching and learning English at Vietnam. We were divided into pairs. I and my best friend Nana formed pairs with Ms Claudia and Rahel who were also best friends. 

We taught them some Vietnamese phrases. Hihi.  When MC asked if anyone can speak other languages besides English and Vietnamese, I raised hands and speak some Korean and Chinese phrases. I felt a little ashamed :((( Then we went to the restaurant” Cơm nắm việt” to have a buffet. We introduced Vietnamese food to the SAS students. They seemed very interesting. Ms.Claudia and Rahel were very impressed by Vietnamese food which were “Bánh khọt”( Small Vietnamese Miniature Fried Pancakes with shrimps ) and “Bún Mắm” (Rice noodles in fermented fish soup ) . They are very delicious , especially when using with Vietnamese Sauce.

After the lunch, every pair can go whenever they want as long as they return at 4 pm. My group including me, Nana, Ms. Rahel Ms Claudia and her husband walked along streets to talk about Vietnamese Culture. Then we went to Ben Thanh Market (Famous market in Ho Chi Minh City) because they wanted to buy something to celebrate a secret party for a couple on the ship. ^^ These are really good memories~~



 IMG_1378 405053_423072424375285_366261672_n 522909_423073211041873_760480665_n 526703_423073097708551_304811003_n 541227_423072814375246_1085661034_n 549765_423073017708559_503015120_n 563851_423073161041878_520858243_n 404147_423073487708512_1376403385_n 534642_423073657708495_2036330840_n 555053_423073574375170_276777773_n 

I did not have time to take pictures of “Bánh khọt”( Small Vietnamese Miniature Fried Pancakes with shrimps ). So I searched it from Google ^^

Banh_khot SONY DSC


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