[Kanata center] 수료식 at Seoul House Restaurant


On the last day of the Korean Intermediate Course at Kanata centre, my teacher invited us to join a party at Seoul House Restaurant. We spent a lot of time talking to each other. I could not believe that time passed so fast.

After joining 4 Korea Basics courses at USSH language center, I decided to self-study because they did not offer higher courses.  I just finished Seoul Book 1 and 10 lessons of Seoul book 2. Then I found Kanata Language Centre. I had to self-study 20 lessons of the book Seoul 2 and then joined the Intermediate Course starting with Seoul book 3. I had to self-study 24 lessons left in Seoul book 2 to catch up with the class. Mr. Toan and other Korean teachers are very dedicated to teaching Korean. What I really like is that the teacher provided us with many materials of reading and tips of translation. The teachers even let us make presentation in Korean  and play funny games^^” That’s so awesome.

There is a test at the end of the course. I managed to do the test well and my scores were the highest, so I was qualified to receive the scholarship which was an amount of money. I was was really happy. I wanted to send my thanks to the teachers who helped me a lot during last time.

I attended two courses at Kanata Centre and finished Seoul Book 3, but they did not offer higher classes and the tuition was very expensive, so I decided to self-study. ^^”

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