Seoul student exchange program


Thanks to Nang Be, Kim Phung, I knew there was an exchange program with Seoul students in my University. There were a lot of activities consisting of wearing hanbok, making lucky key chain, writing  calligraphy, eating 약자 with the word Jeong 정 and drink cereal milk.

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The first activity I and my best friend Nana joined was making the lucky key chain. Korean friends showed us how to make it by using Hanji (Korean traditional paper). On my key chain is the word 寿 which means “long age”.


Then I learned how to write calligraphy.  I have to wear a costume like this to prevent my clothes from the ink. I like this dress.  This is my first time to write calligraphy, so I have many difficulties. However, the Korean handsome boy helped me a lot. After 15 minutes, I completed my first calligraphy . Yeah!!!!소녀시대 ❤

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While I wrote calligraphy, Nana wore Hanbok. She was so cute ❤


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