Welcome! ^^

♥ December 13th 2012 was the first day I started to learn Korean at USSH centre. ^^

♥Language Lover ^^

♥Hello everyone!! I’m a Vietnamese SONE. ❤ (SONE is SNSD fan )

♥My major is English Linguistics and Literature.

♥I am also fond of Korean and Chinese Culture.

♥ I love Vietnamese Culture and Food. My favorite food is Banh xeo and Bun bo Hue.

♥ I am engrossed in K-POP and K-Drama. Especially, I love SNSD very much ❤ . S9 are my inspiration and motivation.

♥ I am fascinated by American and British Fantasy Novels and Chicklit. My favorite ones are Princes Diaries, HARRY POTTER <3, Twilight, Vampire Academy, House of night, Vampire Diaries (Oh, I am a Vampire Fan .Hihi). US music also captivates me. Taylor Swift is my idol ❤

♥ I am interested in Chinese Drama. I like Yang Mi (杨幂) actress :P

♥I hope this blog will be a place for everyone to share experiences of learning languages, especially Korean^^

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